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Great brands work on brand positioning

January 25th, 2022

Great brands (large and small) work hard on brand positioning strategy. When people think about your brand in the context of their alternative choices, what do they really think and feel? Is it different from how you want them to think and feel?


Every brand we know of holds a position in our minds (and maybe our hearts). Think of Tesla, Subaru, and BMW: You have some thought/feeling about those brands. The same with Amazon, Walmart, and your local dry cleaner.


As a business leader or marketer, you can decide where you want your brand to fit in the marketplace and how it should compare to competitors.


You can decide what attributes and benefits you want to be associated with by what target market. You can shape your company’s beliefs, attitudes, and principles so they support all the interactions customers have with your brand.


Who do you serve? What do you do differently or better than others? What problem do you uniquely solve? If you don’t know, find out. If you don’t do anything better, find a way. Somehow your brand provides a better promise to a certain target segment.


Brands hold positions in our minds and we can choose where to place them based on the attributes and benefits that best represent their offering.  Overall, remember that mid-term and long-term success can come from smart brand positioning strategy using search engine marketing and other online messaging platforms.