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Email Marketing: Stay Connected with Customers and Prospects with Email Marketing Services

The Phoenix-based experts at Nvent Marketing will help your brand connect with your targeted audience, drive conversions and increase engagement. Our email marketing services will help you attract and retain customers. Keeping your customers engaged throughout their buying journey helps to drive conversions. If you need to develop a new email list, retarget current contacts, or optimize your campaigns, we can help you. Our team will create a content strategy that provides value to your consumers and supplements your website.

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Is Email Marketing a Good Choice For My Business?

Many business owners ask this question and wonder if email marketing is still a relevant option. To put it simply, email marketing is a great choice for your business.

Despite the popularity of social media and other messaging platforms, email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with people. In 2021, approximately 309.6 billion emails were sent and received daily. In 2022, this figure is expected to increase to 333.2 billion.

Email marketing is an excellent tool to use in your marketing strategy. It is cheap, cost-effective, and flexible. With email marketing you can reach a target audience with a variety of content. Emails can spread product awareness, provide educational content, and keep your customers in the loop. Building a strong email list takes time and a lot of testing, but once you have one, it’s worth the effort.

Every business fights for consumer attention. Creating relationships with your customers with an email campaign builds trust. Providing valuable information without always seeking a conversion will keep your contacts interested in your industry. Email marketing captures attention that you can rely on. Social media and other digital marketing avenues target a more broad audience. Messages sent to your email list can be specific and direct because you know exactly who will see it.

Email marketing is definitely still relevant in 2022. An email marketing agency will help you better understand the strategies behind it and how you can get results. gif maker


Dave of Nvent helped us at Black Canyon Heritage Park improve our e-newsletter and communication to better engage our customers. We receive very positive feedback on communications and activities based on his advice. We also appreciate his timely replies to our questions and that he consistently meets deadlines. We highly recommend his services.

Ann Hutchinson

Why you should use an Email Marketing Agency

Getting people’s email opt-in permission is harder than ever – as it should be. Because so many spammers abused email over the years, the channel has been severely damaged for those who use it properly.

To avoid people opting out after you send your first email, an email marketing agency can help you test a sample list and figure out what works best. Responsible brands and marketers today must be hyper-careful with their email construction and delivery. Nvent Marketing takes the extra steps needed to create a responsible email campaign.

Even the subject line has to be scrutinized and A/B tested with a sample audience. Before sending your campaign to a large group, all aspects must be evaluated. If your design and subject line are not good, your large email list won’t last very long.

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An email marketing agency helps you understand all the pieces involved. Doing your due diligence on the front end can save you lots of time and money in the future. Unprofessional email campaigns can get your email blacklisted. Recovering from this is hard and not worth the risk. A digital marketing agency will help you reduce that risk.

Developing a contact list for your email marketing campaigns is difficult. This process can take a long time to finally have a list you are happy with. Nvent Marketing will help you build this list as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sending email campaigns without a strategy can be detrimental to your business. Despite the chance of your email getting blacklisted, boring/irrelevant content can harm you as well. Our strategic approach to newsletters, targeted opt-in communications, and video email marketing ensures that the content going out is interesting and relevant to your audience. You want to capitalize on your email list that you worked so hard for, and a digital marketing agency can help you.

Email Marketing with Nvent Marketing

Nvent marketing is a digital agency in Phoenix that can help you create email marketing campaigns.
We will write content, design the campaign, and research your target audience. Each campaign will be tested against a small sample size before wasting your advertising budget on a large send. We want your email campaigns to be successful.
Email marketing has so much to offer. We want to keep your audience engaged and build strong relationships with them. These relationships can lead to long-term buyers and strong brand awareness in the future.
Our written content will vary from product/service promotion to valuable educational content. The content will synergize with your website blog content. This consistency keeps your audience in your funnel and builds reliability and trust.

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Always use a permission-based database – One might think this is an obvious best practice, but way too many senders are emailing recipients without their express permission. Never buy or otherwise obtain a database that your organization did not specifically cultivate with each recipient’s permission. If you do, your spam reports will rise and you will risk email suppression by your ISP or even being blacklisted.

Be known as a sender of relevant, useful emails – Since we humans generally like receiving good information, we are conditioned to look forward to receiving more information from such a sender. Check your content to see if it is overly promotional and if the content really matches what that particular recipient would find relevant. A/B test content for your audience to understand what interests them enough to click. Better yet, ask them.

Send emails when more of your audience opens them – The best days to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Weekends have the lowest CTRs and conversions. The best times of day vary by market segment but most favorable are mid-weekday mornings between 8am and 11am in your recipients’ time zone.

Segment and personalize – Segmented email campaigns show 50% higher CTR than non targeted campaigns. Personalization has proven to increase open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and better customer satisfaction. In one study, 88% of users were likely to respond to an email if it looked like it was specifically written to them.

Optimize for mobile – Today, 51% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Test the mobile viewing experience in your email automation tool and then test it on several phones with different screen sizes. Be sure the links work, the images display, and the fonts are legible.

Clean and maintain your database – Remove inactive subscribers from your list. If you have a high bounce rate, ISPs devalue your sender reputation and suppress your deliverability. So you should regularly maintain a list of subscribers who haven’t recently clicked links in your emails and send them a re-engagement campaign. Remove them if they still don’t respond.

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