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Content Marketing: Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Nvent Marketing is a strategic marketing agency that uses content marketing to increase sales and customer loyalty for your business. If you are looking for content creation and distribution, our content marketing services can help you. Our team of experts will help you curate content for the right audience on your website. Nvent Marketing’s content marketing is designed to attract and retain loyal customers. With relevant, useful, and inspirational content, you build authority in your industry and trust in your community.

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Will Content Marketing Help My Business?

You have probably asked yourself this question if you are considering working with a digital marketing agency. The value of content marketing is underestimated. Most people don’t know how it directly affects a website’s Google search rankings, which in turn drives new visitors to your landing page.

A content marketing agency works with you to create relevant and valuable content. Providing value to your audience with content on various platforms will create relationships. When your customers are ready to buy, they will think of you first.

Content marketing in Phoenix gives you a competitive advantage. Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies. Customers buy from companies they can rely on, and content marketing allows you to establish that trust. Your content should guide customers through a funnel. From the awareness to the closing stage of the buying cycle, your content will help them understand your product/service and see the value your company provides. The more valuable you are, the more conversions you will get.

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Nvent Marketing has provided excellent marketing services to the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce and its community members in 2021. Through our MBA program, David and team have produced outstanding original content and consulting programs to benefit the growth of our members' businesses.

Heather Maxwell, Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce

What is Content Marketing?

Google “what is content marketing” and you will be met by a dozen definitions. Some people say that content marketing is really anything you publish on your digital platforms, but that’s too broad…

Here’s our definition:

Good content marketing is what your company shares that is relevant, useful, or inspirational to your customers. Otherwise, it’s just noise.

Relevant Content

Content is relevant if it is a good fit for your audience. Every piece of content should be strategized towards a specific audience. Choosing the right format for your content marketing strategy creates relevance. For example, if your target audience consumes the most content on your website, blog posts will be the most relevant.

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Useful Content

Useful content should be interesting and engaging. It’s even better if it’s educational or actionable. The act of consuming useful content is a satisfying experience. As human beings, we appreciate getting useful information. When we do, we are more likely to click on the next piece of content arriving from that sender. This positive association between the content and the sender makes people more likely to engage with the content online. Once someone consumes multiple pieces of content, they are more likely to become a potential customer.

Inspirational Content

Inspirational content can change or confirm one’s opinion or perspective on a topic. Providing valuable information on a topic helps inspire confidence in your consumers. Even better: your content can also motivate action. In your blog, video, podcast, etc, you may give your own viewpoint on relevant information that inspires them to take the desired call to action (CTA). If your content inspires action with urgency, your blog post can turn into a click and ultimately to a sale.

How does your brand regularly connect to your audiences?

For most B2B marketers, the top 3 content channels are

  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Social media content

Are you taking advantage of these channels?

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Content Marketing Services with Nvent Marketing

An effective content marketing agency in Phoenix will help you create compelling content. Your business should be using content marketing to capture a defined audience. A content marketing agency helps you choose the right subset of people and create content that tailors to them.

Great content…

  • Gets read, shared, liked, and linked. More links from trusted websites to your landing page gives you SEO authority (and higher rankings).
  • Content that gets the most shares/linkes is typically deep, detailed, and research-based. Long-form articles with over 2000 words get more top ten positions in Google search engine rankings.
  • Takes time and effort: The average blog post takes 3.5 hours to write. It is optimized for keywords and internal links and is easy to consume.
  • Can go beyond the format of a blog post. It can be a video, podcast, infographic, ebook, and more
  • Is leverageable. A 45-minute webinar or 25-slide presentation could be segmented into sub-topics and serve as the base for potentially a half-dozen short-form blog posts.

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Repurposing content

A good content marketing agency knows how to leverage and repurpose content to other formats so that additional audiences can consume it. For example, an hour-long webinar can be edited in post-production to generate ten 60-second videos or audiograms. Emails, newsletters, and a dozen social media posts can be linked back to that original piece or its variations. Digital marketing agencies can be effective partners in helping you repurpose your content for greater SEO value.

Nvent Marketing has a goal behind every piece of content. Let us help you create a content strategy today.

How Nvent Marketing helps with your Content Marketing Strategy

We will create a strategy that helps build awareness for your business.
We will create great blog content that is optimized for SEO and your keyword strategy. Our team of writers ensures that your content is high-quality.
We will extract specific excerpts, repurpose them, and publish them on social sites with a link back to your blog. All this is top-of-funnel content, shared broadly to social followers and web searchers.
Because we write so much content over time, we can then parse out the posts most relevant to select markets for certain applications and customer/prospect status. Now those segmented people get content relevant to them.
No need to rewrite. Just segment, repurpose, retarget. Start with a broad spotlight. Re-aim with a laser beam. gif maker 4
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Get started with Content Marketing

The main goal is to create a cohesive strategy around your content. Don’t just push out something new because it’s new. Weave your content together into themes and make related threads. Publish your stories to specifically target audiences through the media they prefer at the times they prefer to consume them. Follow your leads as they flow through your funnel and give them relevant, useful information that inspires them to take action. Working on this strategy will bring you more trackable sales conversions and more effective business outcomes

Let Nvent Marketing set up your content marketing

Let us know how we can help you get started with content marketing

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Here at Nvent Marketing we value transparency and getting results. We will communicate with you through every step of the process. Digital marketing requires constant testing and optimization, and we want to help you. We have a team of professionals ready to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

We conduct keyword research and a competitive analysis. Once the strategy is developed, our team will create content for your website, starting with a blog. These blog posts will be keyword-focused and provide valuable industry information. The information in these blogs will be repurposed for small-form copy and other content types.

Content marketing provides value to your customers and drives them to take action. Investing in content marketing allows you to spread awareness to more people, develop brand authority, and capitalize on SEO benefits. Without content marketing, it is hard to build trust with an audience or stand out from your competition

Even if you don’t sell online, you should still have a website. Your website is the key to digital marketing success and the hub for all your content. Content marketing will drive traffic to your website and can create potential leads. If no one is aware of the value your business provides, generating organic leads will be very difficult. Content marketing can help with this.

Tracking the ROI for content marketing is not simple. Organic content on your website is not guaranteed to reach your target audience all the time, let alone drives sales. Google’s algorithm is dynamic and we give you the best strategy to stay ahead of the game. Trackable data points are: website visitors, domain rating, social media followers, etc. These variables give us a better idea of what is performing well and what isn’t. Content marketing also provides a lot of brand value. Brand recall/recognition is hard to track even though it can drive sales. We will give you reports of what content is being created and where it’s going.

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