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In the fast-paced world of targeting matters more than ever.

With our programmatic expertise, you can now reach the right decision-makers, every single time. Say goodbye to generic marketing efforts, and say hello to strategies that truly resonate with your audience.

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Custom Solutions for Your High-Value Goals

High-ticket clients require more than cookie-cutter approaches.

Our team at Nvent Marketing specializes in crafting custom strategies that align with your unique goals. Through advanced retargeting, geofencing, and micro-targeting TV, we help you connect with the leads that matter most.

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We really appreciate the professional work that Nvent Marketing delivered in developing our company's marketing plan, strategy, and website content. The team's communication, responsiveness, and diligence were excellent. They researched our product and market dynamics well, including our competitive landscape and target customers. They produced a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that will guide our future campaigns and product launches.

Nvent Marketing provides highly customized strategic marketing consultation.

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How We Do It

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Bullseye Targeting for High-Value Leads

Experience the precision of programmatic advertising with our arsenal of targeting options:

Site Retargeting: Reconnect with those who showed interest in your solutions.

Audience Retargeting: Engage with leads from various touch points.

Mobile Geo-Fencing: Extend your reach to your competitors' backyard.

Addressable Geo-Fencing: Elevate your campaigns with pinpoint precision.

Connected TV: Showcase your message on premium platforms.

Zip-Targeted TV: Expand your reach to chosen ZIP codes.

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Site retargeting reconnects with users who have previously visited your website. When visitors navigate away without taking action, site retargeting ensures your brand stays in their line of sight by displaying tailored ads across the web.

By pinpointing their previous interactions, site retargeting re-engages customers with personalized messages, encouraging them to return and complete the desired action.


Audience retargeting leverages the engagement of individuals who have interacted with your brand through various online and offline marketing activities.

By targeting this warm audience with customized ads, audience retargeting keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds, prompting them to take desired actions. The insights gained from audience retargeting not only elevate current campaigns but also optimize your overall marketing strategy for maximum efficiency.


Mobile geo-fencing employs advanced GPS location data to create virtual perimeters around specific physical locations. This innovative strategy enables precise targeting of users within these defined areas, delivering tailored ads to their mobile devices in-app and in-browser.

Mobile geo-fencing is not only effective for engaging potential customers near your brick-and-mortar locations but also offers the ability to measure foot traffic conversions, providing tangible attribution for your campaigns.


Addressable geo-fencing takes targeting to a granular level by converting physical addresses into household-level audiences. This strategy ensures near-perfect address-to-household matching, expanding the reach of your campaigns to specific households.

By enhancing the performance of direct mail and digital campaigns, addressable geo-fencing extends your reach, frequency, and attribution, making your marketing efforts more impactful than ever.


Connected TV (CTV) offers premium audience targeting with a range of demographic variables, including gender, age, and income. This dynamic strategy allows you to reach your high-ticket audience through TV screens and generic demos, accessing a wide inventory for cost-effective, high-frequency exposure.

With the power to apply CTV targeting to various tactics such as site retargeting, geofencing, and more, you can amplify your message and engage your audience where they're most receptive.


Zip-targeted TV hones in on localized audiences with precision by delivering ads to specific ZIP codes. This strategy guarantees impression delivery at the zip code level, enabling you to target geographic areas, demographics, or retarget specific regions.

Zip-targeted TV offers a cost-efficient way to maximize exposure and engagement within chosen locations.



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