Social Media Strategy and Measurement with Nvent Marketing

Strategize. Prioritize. Invest. Integrate. Measure.

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Social Media

Social media marketing requires strategy. Too many companies think of social media as a secondary tactic to just “get our name out there.” That’s an old school mindset.

In 2022, new customer acquisition is the top priority for most brands. It’s not an option to isolate social media as just a brand awareness activity. It should be prioritized as an investment and fully integrated into your company’s product marketing, targeted demand gen, and customer experience strategy. Social media is an integral part to any campaign and you must consider it when thinking of the total cost of digital marketing.

Stop messing around with non-strategic, occasional posts that are disconnected from the rest of your demand generation investment.

Integrate paid and organic social into your email, direct mail, telemarketing campaign strategies.

Take advantage of the micro-targeting capability of social ads. They’re now more measurable, scalable, and audience-definable than ever.

Create and use a content calendar. Reinforce your SEO/content, market research, and packaging strategy. Listen to and interact with your customers and prospects and share their voice with your company’s executive leadership.

Strategize. Prioritize. Invest. Integrate. Measure.

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