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Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking companies. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings.

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners.

Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media.

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To help businesses thrive with their customers through marketing that works. 


To help businesses grow to become as successful as they dream to be.

Meet David Murphy, Nvent Marketing's Founder

David Murphy founded Nvent Marketing in the spring of 2020. While COVID-19 began tightening its global grip, the lives of families, businesses, organizations, and communities everywhere were changing. During those weeks of the shutdown economy, David spoke to scores of business owners around the world. Many were struggling with their current and future need to drive new demand, nurture better leads, convert more opportunities, and retain high-value customers for their business: All with the need to do so at an affordable, flexible, and scalable investment level. And so Nvent Marketing was born with a purpose: To provide customized brand marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement to help small and mid-sized businesses successfully serve their customers. Before launching Nvent Marketing, David enjoyed more than 25 years’ in US and global marketing leadership roles. From 2010 to 2020, he served in global director roles with HP (Hewlett-Packard). There he collaborated with and supported the marketing needs of hundreds of HP’s customers: owners and managers of enterprise and small/medium business, spanning from the Americas to Europe and from Asia to the Middle East.

In all these marketing roles, David has continually mastered the evolving technologies that are transforming communications, branding, and customer engagement. His business education and experience spans from marketing industrial multimillion-dollar manufacturing solutions to AI automation software to consumer products and services. David has been recognized worldwide for driving measurable campaigns to bring his customers greater demand, lead conversion, and customer growth. David is simply relentless and fanatical about bringing innovation, value, and growth to his customers. He brings that commitment and drive to the current and future clients of Nvent Marketing.

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What Makes a NanoText?

Our strong passion for innovation and creativity makes us a brilliant digital marketing partner. We constantly strive to find new ways to enhance the revenue levels of our clients.

We have a rigorous quality check process in place to make sure whatever we deliver is up to the expectations of our clients.

Our consultants have been in the digital marketing industry for over 30 years having worked with not only the global brands

Because we are so confident of the results we are able to deliver and that you will be satisfied with our services. We do not…

We know that time is money in business, so we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our clients) and stick to them.


“David helped us understand the landscape, the tools and direction needed for us to gain traction and grow our brand through Internet sales.”

Bob Raus

“Nvent Marketing and David Murphy were very thorough with their plans for moving my service forward. I highly recommend him. He made a commitment to meet with me, even while vacationing. He provided me with an outline for exactly what I need to do. He is definitely an expert in his field.”

Patty Earnest

“Nvent Marketing has provided excellent marketing services to Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce members in 2021. Through our MBA program, David and team have produced outstanding original content and consulting programs to benefit the growth of our members’ businesses.”

Heather Maxwell

“We really appreciate the professional work that Nvent Marketing delivered in developing our company’s marketing plan, strategy, and website content. The team’s communication, responsiveness, and diligence were excellent. They researched our product and market dynamics well, including our competitive landscape and target customers. They produced a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that will guide our future campaigns and product launches. Nvent Marketing provides highly customized strategic marketing consultation.”

Jason Kammes

“The Nvent Marketing team were great to work with. They helped us quickly establish our brand on social media and build a strong community of engaged followers through various social media platforms. The team generated high-quality, relevant, meaningful content that helped the Box Genie brand deliver value messaging to targeted new customers in the market. They were a great combination of value and eagerness to do a great job.”

Patrick Pettay

Nvent Marketing is a patron of the Sustainable Green Partnership and committed to our goal of a more sustainable future for the printing industry. David Murphy, CEO & his team have done an outstanding job in providing strategic marketing consulting services to SGP Partnership. They proactively studied our members’ competitive landscape and market environments in detail and provided a customized, professional marketing plan that is simply to follow and will surely help us grow. We look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship with Nvent Marketing.” 

Jonathan Graham

“Nvent Marketing helped PrintAmericas successfully launch one of our brands online. They worked with us to create brand messaging, press releases, and other PR-related content to attract our target market. The team is very strategic and collaborative and they understand our market very well.”

Cesar Lizano

“Nvent Marketing provided excellent marketing advice to Real Premier Team. They helped us with our strategy in building our company’s online presence. They are extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in Google marketing and together we created a thorough and detailed plan of action.”

Erica Anderson

“Nvent Marketing and David Murphy provided a professional approach to my marketing. Nvent took a holistic approach to our business focusing on SEO strategy, advertising tactics, brand image, and other items that helped to serve our business. David always over-communicated with the team, ensuring that everyone was on task and that we were seeing results in everything that we were doing.

I think that David draws upon his vast experience in a Fortune 100 company in the marketing arena and translates it to real-world effectiveness. If you want highly-engaged, highly-professional marketing services for your business, Nvent and the team there is where I would go.”

Mark Yegge

“Nvent Marketing’s strategies have been very helpful to the Musical Theatre of Anthem. David and team have deep expertise in a range of digital marketing strategies and the theatre has benefited from the knowledge and support that Nvent Marketing provides.”

Karen Creed