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Brand MarketingPut your horse before your cart. Your brand is your horse and your marketing campaign is your cart. The harness connecting the two is your marketing strategy.

Too often, a company executes a campaign to attract new customers, but its brand marketing strategy hasn’t been assembled or connected. The horse just gets old and the cart doesn’t move.

Before our team starts to execute a client’s marketing campaign, we typically ask questions about your brand and marketing strategy. This extra pre-work saves you time, money, and frustration.

We ask to dig into the essence of your brand: What’s your purpose? (Why your brand matters in your customers’ lives.) What’s your company’s vision, mission, and values? (Where you want to go in the future, how you add value today, what you believe in.)

Next, we look at brand positioning: How your brand is positioned in a distinctive place in the mind of a customer in your target market. How your brand identity reflects your strengths.

What’s your unique selling proposition (USP)? What’s your ideal customer profile? What’re your competitors doing? What market factors affect your goals?

We then build a marketing strategy with goals, tactics, and measurable KPIs. With a strong horse and a well-connected harness, your cart moves faster and farther.


Written ByDavid Murphy
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