Content Marketing – Attract, Engage, and retain an Audience


Content is KingThe value of content marketing is underestimated. Most people don’t know how it directly affects a website’s Google search rankings, which in turn drives new visitors to your landing page.

Great content…

  • Gets read, shared, liked, and linked. More links from trusted websites to your landing page gives you SEO authority (and higher rankings).
  • Content that gets the most shares/linkes is typically deep, detailed, and research-based. Long-form articles with over 2000 words get more top ten positions in Google search engine rankings.
  • Takes time and effort: The average blog post takes 3.5 hours to write. It is optimized for keywords and internal links and is easy to consume.
  • Can go beyond the format of a blog post. It can be a video, podcast, infographic, ebook, or an “ultimate good to ___.”
  • Is leverageable. A 45-minute webinar or 25-slide presentation could be segmented into sub-topics and serve as the base for potentially a half-dozen short-form blog posts.

70% of marketers say they prioritize content quality over quantity. Whether this actually happens can make a huge difference in a brand’s organic search ranking.


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