Content marketing mastery - Repurpose your content

Content marketing mastery – Repurpose and maximize your content

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Content marketing

How does your brand regularly connect to your audiences? For most B2B marketers, the top 3 content channels are:

  1. newsletter.
  2. blog.
  3. social media content.

Most only deliver on 1-2 of these channels. And most content isn’t segmented by vertical, application or customer journey stage.

The result: open rates and CTRs decline due to topical irrelevance. Customers and prospects get the same info so neither group feels they get what they need and when.

For one client, we started creating great blog content, focusing on three themes published as a continuing series each quarter. We don’t dilute mindshare with anything but those topics.

The blog posts are published on the client’s website so strangers are attracted to it through organic search.

Certain excerpts are extracted, repurposed, and published on social sites with links to the client’s blog. All this is top-of-funnel content, shared broadly to social followers and web searchers.

Because we write so much content over time, we can then parse out the posts most relevant to select markets for certain applications and customer/prospect status. Now those segmented newsletter subscribers get content relevant to them.

No need to rewrite. Just segment, repurpose, retarget. Start with a broad spotlight. Re-aim with a laser beam.

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