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marketing digital and non-digital channels

Social media needs to be integrated with non-digital channels. The old school thinking that social media is just “a secondary tactic” doesn’t fit today.

Today, customer acquisition is the top priority for most brands. It should be a part of your company’s product marketing strategy. Targeted demand generation processes must also satisfy your customers’ needs.

To stay ahead at this game changing moment where new technologies are making everything easier than ever before—from finding information on Google Search pages or Instagram stories-to engaging directly one consumer who may purchase something online without having another advertisement interrupt their experience -you need every edge possible.

People often utilize social media as an additional tool in their demand generation investment strategy, but it is important to not neglect the power of organic content marketing.

If you want your campaigns and efforts on Facebook or Twitter be effective then they need integrate paid advertisements with this type digital outreach technique so that both forms can complement each other instead just being done separately like many companies do today .

I recently spoke to a VP of a billion-dollar brand who told me about his million-dollar TV/radio ad campaign that produced negative ROI. They’re now shifting more marketing budget to digital channels. CMOs often struggle with the conflicting priorities of brand marketing and measurable demand generation. Sometimes it must be either/or, but it can be both if well integrated.

Another proof point on the value of marketing campaign integration: A new Hootsuite study of 2,000 marketers shows that 78% feel social media improves the operational efficiency of their other digital and non-digital marketing channels. I don’t think that’s too surprising. Considering the many benefits of social media marketing such as brand awareness, demand generation, and customer engagement, it’s clear that social media marketing costs can have a high financial ROI that is measurable and scalable. 

Using pixels and links in online content and hashtags in offline content can drive immediate improvement in reach, engagement, and feedback to maximize trackable ROI. Plus, scheduling timely messaging to highly tuned audiences through multiple channels can optimize conversion.

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