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What digital marketing strategy is best for your business? 

What digital marketing strategy is best for your business

Every strategy is unique

What digital marketing strategy is best for your business? As with many “make or buy” business decisions, there are trade-offs between time, money, and quality that will affect your ROI and opportunity costs.

And just like building a house, there’s not just one “best way” to build new customer demand for your brand. A lot depends on your urgency, your patience, and your willingness/ability to invest, test, and scale.

Your options

The chart below is overly simplified, but it provides a directional overview of some basic options for digital marketing investment. All of these options presume that your website is optimized first and that your business is prepared to manage growth in demand.

The rabbit and turtle icons suggest the comparative timeline needed to achieve results. The dollar signs loosely suggest the comparative investment levels, not the potential ROI. The ROI of course depends on how much time you are willing to commit to your strategy.

PPC advertising

Well-targeted PPC advertising with the right message to your target audience can make your phone ring in the next 48 hours. There is a significant cost involved, but we help you work the funnel math and optimize your conversion rate for maximum ROI. When working with a PPC marketing strategy, there must be very clear goals.

Targeted advertising can be super effective in driving sales and getting one-time purchases, but actual customer acquisition and brand recognition come from the other forms of marketing you have. The main downside of PPC is that once you stop paying, your results stop as well. There is no way to organically (for free) build a community or drive sales with a strategy like this. With that said, it becomes even more important to discuss your main objectives and choose the right mix of strategies.


SEO drives 10x more traffic than social media and has lower customer acquisition costs than PPC ads over time. The key is “over time.” When properly executed, it can grow and sustain your exposure to many more people who are actively in the market for your services.

Although there may not be immediate results within a day or a week, when you commit to a long-term SEO digital marketing strategy, the results prove to be far more beneficial than other methods. Over time, your business can work its way up the Google rankings and be found by more customers than any other organic method could produce.

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Finally, it’s not “either-or.” The best ROI can come from a multi-touch strategy. Not everyone researches, discovers, or buys in the same way. A blended approach can help your brand reach and nurture your future customers at multiple points along their buying journey.

Keep learning.  There’s a lot more to learn about B2B marketing trends in 2023.

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