Meet David Murphy,
Nvent Marketing's Founder

David Murphy founded Nvent Marketing in the spring of 2020. While COVID-19 began tightening its global grip, the lives of families, businesses, organizations, and communities everywhere were changing. During those weeks of the shutdown economy, David spoke to scores of business owners around the world. Many were struggling with their current and future need to drive new demand, nurture better leads, convert more opportunities, and retain high-value customers for their business: All with the need to do so at an affordable, flexible, and scalable investment level. And so Nvent Marketing was born with a purpose: To provide customized brand marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement to help small and mid-sized businesses successfully serve their customers. Before launching Nvent Marketing, David enjoyed more than 25 years’ in US and global marketing leadership roles. From 2010 to 2020, he served in global director roles with HP (Hewlett-Packard). There he collaborated with and supported the marketing needs of hundreds of HP's customers: owners and managers of enterprise and small/medium business, spanning from the Americas to Europe and from Asia to the Middle East.
In all these marketing roles, David has continually mastered the evolving technologies that are transforming communications, branding, and customer engagement. His business education and experience spans from marketing industrial multimillion-dollar manufacturing solutions to AI automation software to consumer products and services. David has been recognized worldwide for driving measurable campaigns to bring his customers greater demand, lead conversion, and customer growth. David is simply relentless and fanatical about bringing innovation, value, and growth to his customers. He brings that commitment and drive to the current and future clients of Nvent Marketing.