Expert Digital Marketing Services with Nvent Marketing

Digital Marketing Services with Nvent Marketing

Digital Marketing Services with Nvent Marketing

Nvent Marketing is a full-service marketing company in Phoenix helping businesses grow around the world. We specialize in search engine optimization, web design/development, PPC management, and social media marketing services in the Phoenix area and beyond. 

We want to use our digital marketing services to help other businesses. Your customer comes first, then you (our client), then ourselves. We provide marketing that provides value to consumers first, and we’ll worry about the rest later. 

We invent marketing that creates demand from the customers you want to find. And from those who want to find you. It’s time to attract, engage, and delight more customers for your business. It’s time to make your marketing strategy align with your customers’ journey to your brand. It’s time for a greater return on your marketing investment.


Who Are We?

Meet David Murphy, Nvent Marketing’s Founder:​

David Murphy at Nvent Marketing

David Murphy at Nvent Marketing

“My love for B2B marketing began early in life and never faded. I started my first marketing company after graduating high school. I self-funded my undergraduate marketing degree and my first home as I worked full time while attending school full time. Years later, a career pivot opportunity presented itself. I joined RISO, a Tokyo-based global printer manufacturer, for whom I eventually became VP of Marketing for North America and Latin America after earning my MBA..”

David continued this journey at HP (Hewlett-Packard), enjoying a prosperous career in global and regional marketing director roles. Working with a large group of HP customers: owners and managers of small/medium sized businesses as well as enterprises, David continued to hone in and strengthen his digital marketing strategies.

“In April 2020, we launched Nvent Marketing at the peak of the pandemic. From that time through today, it has become clear that many business owners are challenged with the need to drive demand, nurture better leads, convert more opportunities, and retain high-value customers. And so Nvent Marketing was born: To provide customized brand marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement to help businesses successfully serve their customers.”

David has always been driven by providing value for other business owners. Digital marketing is an essential business skill, but a lot of small businesses struggle with it. Offering his knowledge, expertise, and consulting, David wants to help as many people as he can with Nvent Marketing.


Meet Jacob Tuttle, Digital Marketing Specialist


Jacob Tuttle at Nvent Marketing

Jacob Tuttle at Nvent Marketing

Jacob started his digital marketing career working for the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce. As their Digital Media Coordinator, he gained experience working with clients and offering digital marketing strategies to small business owners.

At this time, Nvent Marketing was already a member of the Chamber. David and Jacob collaborated on a few projects and before you know it, David offered Jacob the opportunity to work with Nvent Marketing.

“I always wanted to develop a business that can help other people. Business strategy, personal development, and building an online presence captured my attention when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have been learning as much as I can about digital marketing and how to provide as much value as possible to clients.”

At Nvent Marketing, Jacob and David work together to invent marketing strategies that help clients. They educate their clients, walk them through the processes, and operate on transparency and honesty. 

Our team here at Nvent Marketing is a group of professionals with plenty of digital marketing expertise to make your business successful. With website development, search engine optimization, and lead generation strategies, any business can grow and be successful.

Let us know how we can help you and your business!

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